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"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play" – Abraham Maslow

Who we are

Cakebar is a full-service, custom website and application development company. From idea to completion, we help companies build awesome products for the web. Visit our Products page to see what we can do for you!


Erik Richter Maker-of-Things

"Hey, Laura...where did you put that cake from last night? ...I finished it? Shoot." Erik loves developing code, designing, Product Hunt, his Kindle, finding the perfect GIF, and sprinkles. Erik hates empty cake plates.


Laura Richter Tester-of-Things

"This button doesn't work. Erik, this button needs to work. I don't know what to do with it." Laura loves details. Even more, Laura loves details that work. Even more even more, Laura loves Erik. She also loves cake.

What we do

Cakebar helps businesses leverage technology to accelerate growth and visibility through custom website and application development and SEO solutions. Click on any of our services to find out more!

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